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Puppy in Red Cushion

Our Favorite Products

Check out some our favorite canine products that we use and recommend on a daily basis! From treats and toys to leashes and dog beds, we've tried everything so you don't have to. Want to gift someone a gift card for our training services? You can find those here too!

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Chattanooga Canine Gift Certificate 


Goughnuts Chew Toys

Have a power chewer? Get a Goughnut. While it may not be 100% indestructible, it's pretty darn close. Either way, you can't go wrong with the replacement guarantee

Kuranda Aluminum.jpg

Kuranda Dog Bed

The most indestructible dog bed on the market! Trust us... We've tried them all.

Kuranda Crate Bed.jpg

Kuranda Slimline Crate Bed

The most indestructible dog bed on the market, now designed specifically for crates! We love the one-year chew-proof warranty. From a training perspective, if your dog hasn't destroyed a crate bed within a year, he/she probably isn't going to.

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