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Board & Train Program


Let us do the training for you in our one-of-a-kind board & train program!

In five weeks, you can expect a well-mannered pup who:


  • Doesn't jump on you when you walk through the door

  • Behaves nicely when visitors come over

  • No longer destroys your house

  • Holds long-duration stay commands while you work remotely, watch a movie, or prepare dinner

  • Walks politely by your side throughout your neighborhood (and beyond)

  • Comes when called

  • Listens to your commands the first time you give them

  • Doesn't play keep away with your favorite pair of shoes

  • Is more willing and eager to please, focused, and calm

How does it work?


Step 1: Consultation ($150)

We'll meet you and your dog at your house to evaluate your dog's behavior, talk about your training goals, and explain the training process. We'll also give you some tips on how to begin addressing your dog's most problematic behaviors until training is complete. Should you choose to proceed with training, the $150 consultation fee will be applied towards your training program. Have questions but not ready to schedule a consultation yet? Simply fill out the contact form below, and we'll reach out! 

Step 2: Schedule Your Start Date

Tell us when you'd like to begin training based on our availability, and we'll be back soon to pick up your dog for his/her five-week stay with us!

Step 3: Training Begins

We will pick your dog up on the agreed upon date/time and take him home with us to begin his five week board & train program! Our board and train program is like no other. We only take one board and train dog at a time to ensure that each dog in our care is getting our undivided attention 24/7. No loud/overcrowded kennels here! Your dog will stay in our house and become a member of our family for five weeks so that, upon his return, he will be an even better member of your family!

Step 4: Transfer Session

After five weeks, we will bring your dog back to you and show you what he's learned and how to use his obedience commands. This will be a two to three hour lesson to ensure that you feel 100% comfortable applying all of the new skills that your dog has learned!

Step 5: Follow-Up Session

You'll also get a free follow-up session to use within 14 days of your transfer session where we can help you fine-tune your dog's skills even further and/or answer any remaining questions you might have regarding your dog's training. Don't forget the life-time email and phone support! We're always just a phone call away.

See What's Included...

This Program Includes:

*** 5-Week Board & Train in Trainer's Home ***

*** 2 In-Person Private Lessons ***

*** Training Equipment: 4' Leather Leash, 50' Training Line, Training Collar(s), Kuranda Bed, Treat Pouch ***

*** Daily Training Updates/Reports During Your Dog's 5-week Stay With Us ***

*** Graduation Certificate ***

*** Exit Bath & Nail Trim ***

*** No Travel/Mileage Charges ***

*** Life-Time Email/Phone Support ***

Board & Train Program - $3,900.00


In this five-week program, we'll teach your dog:

  • Calmness, Control, and Manners (no jumping, polite greetings, no play biting)

  • All Basic Obedience Commands (sit, down, stay, place, come, drop-it, heel, etc.)

  • To walk politely by your side (no more leash-pulling)

  • How to behave on-leash AND off-leash

  • To come back when called, even when off-leash

  • Advanced Obedience Commands (long distance stays & place, off-leash heeling, & recall)

This is a great option for busy families in need of a well-behaved pup!



DATES: August 4 - September 8



DATES: October 27 - December 1



DATES: January 5 - February 9


Frequently Asked Questions

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